Linseed is sustainable by nature (no deforestation for cultivation of linseed).

All the linseed that we buy is non-gmo (from every parcel of linseed a non-gmo analysis is made and a non-gmo certificate is available).

We offer 2 qualities of  linseed by truck, which can be loaded at the port of Ghent.

Minimum 94 % purity and minimum 97% purity. 


First cold pressed crude linseedoil

Crude linseedoil

Refined linseedoil

Applications of linseedoil

Food grade

High percentage of omega-3 fatty acids (C18:3 is min. 50 %). Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) contributes to a healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. Due to the fact that linseedoil is produced from non-gmo linseed, linseedoil is non-gmo.

For example in margarine, as a pure ingredient(1 spoon a day…), in a vegetable oil blend, …

Feed grade

By adding linseedoil to the feed of the animals (cattle, chicken, cows) , we can enrich the food with omega-3 for the humans.

For example high omega-3 eggs, high omega-3 milk. Adding linseedoil to the feed of the horses, shiny coat. An anti-oxidant can be added upon request of the customer.

Feed grade aquaculture

Linseedoil is used as a raw material to increase the omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon.

Technical application

With a high iodine value of minimum 180, linseedoil is one of the best drying vegetable oils.

Linseedoil is used in linoleum, paints and varnishes, printing inks and alkyd resins.


Linseedcake is a traditional and natural product, which is highly appreciated in the cattle feed.

Linseedcake is a visually attractif raw material in an all mash.

Excellent nutritional value, thanks to a unique combination of min. 32% protein and high residual oil content of min. 8 %.

Shiny coat for the cattle, cows, horses, …

Due to the fact that linseedcake is produced from non-gmo linseed, linseedcake is non-gmo.

Organic linseedoil and linseedcake

Our sister company Colzagro is sourcing organic linseed and offering organic linseedoil and linseedcake.

As well as sourcing organic soyabeans and offering organic soyabeanoil and soyabeancake.

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