About You

This is about you, as you are the reason we are in business.

You are responsable for the raw materials used by your company.

You have to make sure there is product at all times, regardless of an unexpected increase in orders, delays in deliveries or any other unforeseen circumstance that others can’t even imagine, but that you have experienced.

This means you need suppliers that are reliable and flexible and take away your concerns.

 “You can rely on us to do the job for you.”

For our loyal customers, we can always  guarantee to have a strategically stock of linseed, linseedoil and linseedcake.  This seems logic, but in an international trade with different cultures (Russia, Kazachstan) the sourcing of our raw materials is every day a very big challenge


For food application, we can offer you our food grade crude or refined linseedoil.

For feed application, we can offer you our feed grade crude or refined linseedoil.

Therefore, we are FCA, ISO, FSSC certified. We are also both halal and kosher certified.