About us

Our production facility

In 2006, we have build a state-of-the-art production facility in Lichtervelde.  This is very close to Ghent, one of the largest ports in Belgium.

Our history goes back untill 1955, when the old factory initially started with the purchase and crushing of linseed from the local flax industry.

Actually, most of the linseed is mainly sourced in Kazachstan and Canada.

All the linseed that we buy is non-gmo and sustainable by nature.

Mechanical pressing

Linseed is transported by big vessels (from 3.000 tons upto 20.000 metric tons) from the country of origin to the port of Ghent.

Trucks are bringing the linseed from Ghent to our plant in Lichtervelde.

By mechanical pressing in a traditional way (crushing), the linseedoil is crushed out of the linseed.  The byproduct is the linseedcake.

In contradiction to extraction, where solvents or other chemicals are used, our production process is a 100 % natural production process.

No additives or chemical products are used.

Our storage

The crude and refined linseedoil that we produce is a food and feed quality.  As a third application the linseedoil can also be used for technical applications.

The storage capacity of linseedoil on site (4.000 tons) and at the port of Brugge (3.000 tons) enables us to work in a flexible way and to offer dedicated storage tanks to our customers if required.

The storage capacity of linseedexpellers on site (2.000 tons) and at our sister company in Wingene (upto 6.000 tons) enables us to keep a strategical stock for our customers.

We have (a lot of) tons of experience in the production and logistics of linseedoil and linseedcake.  We like to put our know - how at your disposal to find together the best solution for your needs.